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lone_savior's Journal

The Doctor
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The Doctor
I've held quite a few names. Theta Sigma. The Oncoming Storm. The Lonely Traveler. You, however, can call me the Doctor. I am a Time Lord. The last of my kind.

Canary Wharf
When the Cybermen and Daleks invaded Earth at the Battle of Canary Wharf, Rose Tyler and I did everything we could to banish them once again to the void. My grip was not as good as it ought to have been. Too sure of myself, me. I slipped. I fell into the void just as Pete Tyler returned to save a daughter he never knew. Guess I was lucky he still opted to save me!

Pete's World
So here I am! Trying to make the best of things. I can't go back to my universe. I can't return to Rose Tyler. Oh, she'll be fine without me, clever girl! I've managed to do something I've always wanted since that pesky not-quite werewolf incident at least. I've rebuilt Torchwood as it ought to have always been. I might not have a TARDIS but I am still the Doctor. I still want to help people.

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I am neither The Doctor nor David Tennant. This journal is just for fun. The character's canon is the same up until the Battle of Canary Wharf.